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Rules and Regulations

Student's Corner 

1. Be neat & clean and come dresses in a proper school uniform. 

2. Do not write on the walls and on school furniture. 

3. Do not litter or spoil the beauty of your classroom,  school, corridor and playground. 

4. Take care you do fight or use unparlimentery language for anyone.

5. Say “Please “ when you want something and “Thank You" when you receive something. 

6. Do not leave your class without Class-pass.

7. Students are not supposed to bring valuable articles,  CD's, pen drives, USB's and mobiles to the school. It is strictly prohibited. 

8. Girl students are not allowed to wear any kind of fancy and costly jewellery in the school.

9. Running, playing, shouting & whistling inside the school campus is strictly prohibited. 

10. Parents and Guardians are not permitted to walk into the class rooms or meet teachers during school hours without permission. 

11. It is mandatory to all the students to attend all the school functions. 

12. It is also mandatory for all the students to speak English in the school premises. 

Parent's Corner

1. In case you wish to meet the Director/Principal/Teacher in the school, you can send a note in school diary

2. Keep an eye on the company that your wards keep.

3. When you come to school to drop your child, it is important for you to be dressed properly. 

4. Have a complete information about the van driver, buggy driver, his address & contact number so that he can be contacted in case of emergency. 

5. Be regular in attending parents teacher meetings. Kindly meet all academic arts & sports teachers. 

6. Please guide your children not to buy anything from the roadside vendors.

7. Look into your wards school diary everyday, and  see to it that the homework assigned for the next day is done.

8. Please don’t buy any expensive stationary or any such articles that may lead to your child developing a superiority complex. 

9. Remarks made in the diary should be seen & counter signed.

10. Your ward should not wear jewellery, costly watches and friendship bands. Girl students can apply heena only after seeking permission from the principal. 

11. Cell Phones,  CD's & Pen Drives are strictly prohibited in the school premises. 

12. Please ensure that your ward should not drive a scooter/ motorbike without valid driving license. 

13. Please give limited money to your ward. 

14. Ensure that your ward makes up for work missed by him/her during absence. 

15. Any change of address/telephone no. should be notified immediately. 

16. In case your ward has forgotten to bring the lunch, the lunch will not be accepted at the gate.

17. Any student violating code of conduct will be expelied from the school. 

18. Ensure that your ward maintains personal hygiene & has nutritious diet.

19. English being an international language need extra efforts to develop fluency in speaking. So kindly subscribe at least one daily English newspaper & children magazines etc. & converse with him/her in English. 

20. Television viewing time for children should be carefully monitored. Often child to lend all kind of programs which inculcate wrong set of values at ab early age. Please ensure that your child watch only those programs suitable to their age & that too for a limited time. Viewing channels like Discovery, National Geography & News Channel can help the children learn many new concepts and enrich their General Knowledge. 

Leave Rules

1. No leave will be granted without the sanction of the Principal. 

2. In case of absence, the student must bring the leave form his/her next joining day after the absence. 

3. In case the student remain absent continuously for 10 days without leave  his/her name will be struck off from class.

4. Leave application must be signed by the parents. 

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President's Message
Knowledge is of paramount importance for the pursuing of coveted goal in life; Quality and Excellence are the watchwords in the globalized world of the day. It becomes hazardous as well as imperative for the young ones to carve out a niche for themselves in the present scenario. ...
Principal's Message
Dear Parent/Guardian Baba Isher Singh (Nanaksar) Public School, Amritsar, was founded by His Holiness Baba Kundan Singh ji on 1st July 1992 . With the blessings of Baba Kundan Singh ji the school has made great strides and is now affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi. ....
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