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1.    Applications for registration are received on the prescribed form appended with prospectus between 1st January and 15th March every year.
2.    A registration fee of Rs. 600/- (Non-Refundable) is to be submitted alongwith the application for registration
3.    Registration done for one particular year is not transferable to any other year.
4.    Registration does not guarantee admission.


The principal will arrange admission tests and decide whether the students can be admitted and if so, to which class. The decision of the principal on this point will be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the annual examination of the class preceding that to which admission is sought. Those seeking new admission shall have to produce a transfer certificate and report card from the school last attended. The endorsement should specially indicate whether it is recognized institute or not.

The admission test will be held in the following subjects :
Level            Subjects
Primary classes            (II to V)     English, Hindi and Maths
Middle classes              (VI to VIII)     English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science
Secondary classes        (IX to X)     English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science
Senior Sec. classes     (XI to XII)     English and Elective Subjects

Note :  Entrance test will be held of the class which the students has already passed.

1. The parents who wish to withdraw their wards from the school must submit a written application to the school office.
2. Students who leave the school without notice and without clearing their dues will not be entitled for any sort of testimonials (i.e. Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate etc.) from the school.
3. Principal reserves the right to expel any student on any of the following grounds :
a)    Irregular attenmdence
b)    Bad conduct
c)    Unsatisfactory academic progress
d)    Moral Breach
e)    Non payment of school fee by due date

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President's Message
Knowledge is of paramount importance for the pursuing of coveted goal in life; Quality and Excellence are the watchwords in the globalized world of the day. It becomes hazardous as well as imperative for the young ones to carve out a niche for themselves in the present scenario. ...
Principal's Message
Dear Parent/Guardian Baba Isher Singh (Nanaksar) Public School, Amritsar, was founded by His Holiness Baba Kundan Singh ji on 1st July 1992 . With the blessings of Baba Kundan Singh ji the school has made great strides and is now affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi. ....
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